Lumber & Panels

We have a wide range of selections in lumber and panels including OSB, treated lumber, dimensional lumber in fir, whitewood, treated, fire-treated, cedar, and pine. All standard sizes from 1×4 to 2×12 are available.

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OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered panel sheeting made by Weyerhauser to withstand all elements. Upgraded from traditional plywood, OSB is best for wall and roof sheeting in a variety of sizes from 7/16″ to 3/4″, with options in fire treatment.

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Dimensional Framing

At Beisser, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials for construction projects. That’s why we work closely with our suppliers to source only the best 2x4s through 2x12s available. Our dimensional stock is made from the finest whitewood on the market. But we don’t stop there. For critical components like studs, we always use #2 fir or better, a specification that is recommended by many architects and engineers for superior performance. Trust Beisser to provide the best materials for your construction needs.

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As your go-to destination for all your building material needs, Beisser stocks an extensive collection of high-quality plywoods, including AC Pine, AC Fir, Maple, Red Oak, Poplar, CDX, White Oak, Beaded, and Birch. With T&G, ground contact, below grade green treated, fire treated, and even T&G fire treated options, we’ve got you covered for any project. Trust Beisser to provide you with top-notch plywood products that meet your exact specifications.

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Treated Lumber

Beisser partners with quality treatment companies to ensure all outdoor and ground-contact lumber exceeds industry standards. Our partners use effective treatments and rigorous testing to deliver long-lasting results. Unlike competitors who sell cheaper, non-pressure-treated lumber, Beisser guarantees reliable, straight pieces every time.

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Fire-Treated Lumber

We understand the unique needs of commercial and single-family builders. That’s why we source our fire-treated lumber from established companies like Hoover, who provide detailed specifications and certifications that meet all necessary build requirements. Our commitment to quality ensures that every engineer, architect, and inspector can trust the fire-treated wood we offer.

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Cedar’s natural properties make it a popular choice for outdoor projects. We offer dimensional cedar in 1x, 2x, and 5/4 boards with widths up to 12″. With its insect and rot resistance, as well as its ability to retain weather treatment, cedar is an excellent option for constructing and trimming anything outdoors.

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We have a versatile stock of pine 1x dimensional lumber, available in lengths up to 16′ (and even longer lengths upon request). Our #2 and better grade pine boards can be used as finish trim or as a gap filler. With sizes ranging from 1×4 to 1×12, we have the perfect option for your project.